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What is YOUR medicine?

"It is not JOY that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us JOYful"

~ David Steindl-Rast

On a day like today, it is hard not to feel JOY, at least it is for me. The sun is shining bright against a beautiful blue backdrop. The air is cold and crisp, and nature beckons my fur-babies and me outside! This kind of a day is medicine for my soul, without question. I think it takes me back to winters of my youth, growing up in the Kootenays… huge expanses of blue sky, sun up high, ice sparkles thrown across the gleaming white snow. I love it! Days like these light up my heart!

Yes, November has arrived. Darker days and longer nights have settled in, greyer skies often hover here in the Interior of BC – and I've noticed myself recently in need of a little tune-up, a check-in – with myself. A re-Connect, perhaps ~ to what is important to me, to what feels good – JOYful – to me, and to what does not.

I thought that you might like to re-Connect to YOU, too, with me! Join me? I would LOVE that so much!

With the crazy of the holiday season fast approaching, and all that comes with that, I find myself feeling the need to pay some extra attention to where I feel energized, engaged in what I am doing and where I most certainly do not; to how I am nourishing and caring for myself, and how I am not; to where and with whom I am expending my energy – and if that feels good for me, or if it does not.

For, as we know, where our attention goes ~ our energy flows. And what does that mean for us?

That we must be intentional about where we are placing our attention, about how we are spending our precious time and energy, about the choices and decisions we are making in every moment. Joy is a choice. In every decision we are in control of making, we are choosing what feels MORE joyful, or less, what feels MORE freeing, more peaceful, or less… from the smallest, most mundane decisions, to the huge, life-altering ones. JOY is our choice. And only we get to choose it, or not.

"Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday."

~Henri Nouen

Would you like more JOY in your life? Ummm, Of course you would! Then JOIN ME! (virtually)

What? a virtual workshop ~ a reconnection to YOU and what is JOYful to YOU + how to cultivate more of that!

When? Saturday, November 19th at 3:00 – 4:30pm PST

Where? On Zoom (from a cozy space in your home)

What to Bring? Fave journal, pen, and warm beverage

How do I sign up? Right here to join my email list: Yes! I want more JOY! or Send me your email address to or dm or pm me! (on FB (lori ann hazel) or IG @lorihazelcoaching)

Ps. your email address automatically enters you into a draw for an early Christmas present just for YOU! *Draw will take place at the end of our workshop!

Cost? FREE (woohoo!)

Value? A (re)-Connection to YOU – to what feels MEDICINAL to your soul; to what lights up your HEART + some tools and new perspectives to take with you!

For whom? YOU - and Yes! please share with your people, if you think they would like to cultivate more JOY in their lives too!

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