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Life Design Coaching

I think of coaching as a personal trainer for the whole person... mind, body and soul. It is a partnership between coach and client, whereby the coach uses gentle inquiry in order to help the client in a particular area of dissatisfaction - relationship, financial, career, health,  all of the above - discover what is holding them back from living life to their fullest potential in that area,  then help dissolve what this is, and determine actionable steps in order to move forward. It is like a gentle, archaeological dig, if you will. Sometimes, all that is required is a light turned on, sometimes, a brush is needed for a dusting away of debris getting in the way of living one's best life, other times a chisel is necessary, and then, there are the times that we need a damn sledgehammer to break down those walls and barriers! Some of what keeps us from moving towards the life we wish to be living has been with us a long time, and has built up over years, often decades. That's okay. Our past has made us who we are, has built up our strong spine, but our future lies before us, and we want to meet each new experience with a soft, open heart. This is where I meet you, exactly as you are, exactly where you are. And, this is the work we do - together!


 and it works!  

A coach is not a therapist... I will not advise you or tell you what to do. The fact is, the answers lie within you... I, as your coach, will help you access them. How will I do that? Through deep listening, gentle inquiry, and many more modalities that allow me to hear what you may not be able to in what you are saying. The most powerful thing I will do for you, however, is offer you my undivided attention. I will hold a beautiful, compassionate container for you to just be you. There are not too many places in our lives that we can find this kind of space and feel this kind of held. A space for you to be seen, to be heard, to be witnessed and acknowledged, no matter what is going on for you. This is where the magic happens... where those tiny little whispers within you become just a little more audible, where you find answers within you you didn't even know existed. This is you at your essence, waiting ever so patiently in the background to be rediscovered, to be coaxed back out to the surface. I can do that... with you. 

If any of this resonates for you, if any of this is a quiet "yes, please" or a screaming "HELL YES!", I would be honoured to work with YOU. 

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