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Aaahhhh... Fall, beautiful Fall

Beautiful Wonderful Fall. The season that conjures visions of beauty and sensations of coziness… of the leaves changing colour and beginning their cascade onto the Earth's floor, of vast blue skies and sunshine, of crisper mornings and cooler evenings – of cozy sweaters and boots and hats!

Fall is that beautiful time that we get to give ourselves permission to start to slow down, to get a little quieter, a little cozier. Where we can let go of all of the doing and going and productivity of Summer – as FUN as it is - and begin to clear up and clear out our spaces and our places – both physically and energetically; where we can invite some spaciousness into our calendars, thus creating space and time for the hunkering down that the cooler weather invites in. The darker days and the quieter evenings offering the perfect backdrop for a check-in with ourselves, a chance to begin that energetic inward turn for reflection and introspection, a time for rejuvenation and bringing some balance back into our lives.

The seasons are here to show us the natural way of things, the continual birth – death – birth cycle of life. As the leaves begin to turn their brilliant colours of orange and red and yellow, and then fall away in preparation for the coming months – so, too, can we shed and release that which is no longer serving us. What are we holding onto that has outgrown its purpose in our lives – be it physical, mental or emotional? Are we hanging onto "stuff" in our garage that can be cleared out? Are we hanging onto "stuff" in our minds (read: thoughts!) that are no longer serving us – and often never did?! We can clear those out too! Fall is nature's time for a de-cluttering – a shedding – and as we witness her shifts, we can take our cues from her. This clearing out is so very good for us… leaving in its wake openings of space and time, opportunities for new growth, for new learning, for new life where the clutter once existed… within and without.

Can you feel this wonderful shift? Where are you feeling the need to shed some "stuff"? What can you release as we move deeper into October? And where can you create more balance in your life?

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1 Comment

Dina Varellas
Dina Varellas
Oct 10, 2022

Beautiful, Lori. I enjoyed reading about fall and the lovely colors and space she provides. It would be beautiful to embrace the true essence of letting go that Mother Nature so effortlessly does and shows. A wonderful aspiration to work towards! Thank you for the lovely reminder and gifts of Mother Nature. I look forward to the slowing down and tuning in that fall allows and invites us to do. xo, dina

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